Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beaver Brook Dog Show

It was like an impromptu dog show -- pure breeds and mixes. After having just watched the Crufts Dog Show, I felt honored to witness a local version at my very own park earlier this week.

In a 30-minute stretch so many fabulous pets.
- Aussie Shepherd
- Bulldog
- Golden Retreiver
- German Shorthaired Pointer
- Rough-Coated Collie
- Chihuahua
- Cockapoo
- Black Lab
- Chocolate Lab
- Rhodesian Ridgeback
- And many glorious mutts!!!

Both species, man and animal, fraternizing while lounging in the grass. The pups chatted vigorously then took quick, but frequent mud baths. Most refreshing, however, were the back scratches on the emerald-green fields that abound at Beaver Brook.

As a dog parent I am delighted when the beloved rolling in the grass expedites the cleaning process after a swamp visit. My car is a "dogmobile," but there are limits.

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