Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Summer gives way to early spring

Sam the man in the water, originally uploaded by phaird.
We had our week or more of warmth, walking around in shorts and t-shirts. It was nice while it lasted but last Sunday was the beginning of the end of the early summer weather.
But our dogs don't care. They want to go out and run, play and swim. The past few weeks I've been bringing my younger son, Isaac and like all 2 year olds, he loves the water and trowing rocks into the water. There must be some driving force that compels them to do it. The joy of youth. Well, Sam, this golden, wanted to fetch what ever isaac was throwing. There are a few dogs who will chase anything and Sam is one of those. He didn't get too pushy which is important because he'd knock Isaac flat if he did. Poor sam though. Isaac doesn't have much of an arm for the long throw yet so every pebble and stone he threw didn't go very far. Sam waited though and just stood in front of Isaac, hoping for a tennis ball or good stick to just appear. Maybe next time Sam.
The last few weeks have been quiet because I've been caring my video camera with me. I wanted start collecting video footage and if I got the chance, even talk to someone about their dog. I've only gotten a few stories recorded so I'm hoping to edit them into more. Shooting and editing video takes a lot more time.
Keeps me busy though so that's good.