Sunday, June 3, 2007

Back at Beaver Brook

So good at waiting, originally uploaded by phaird.

I finally got back to Beaver Brook yesterday. It was a hot and muggy day but that didn't stop people from coming out. Summit was so good and loved to play and fetch. The best part though was hearing about how her owner would tell stories using all the words she knows. They were so funny. Something along the lines of " The trip to the PARK the COOKIE tree would GET THE BALL..." I love stories made up like that.

It was good to see other dog lovers hanging out and socializing. I was really glad to be out with my cameras taking pictures again. I hope to get back there next weekend too. The sooner the better.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Owner of Summit here, the dog who likes stories about the "Cookie Trees". I told you about the great park in Stow, Delaney Park. Here is a bit about it:
Delaney Park. Trails ranging from expert terrain to wide and flat make the Delaney Flood Control Area ideal for anyone from kids to the avid outdoorsman to enjoy. The flood control area extends into neighboring Harvard. Boating-non motor, fresh water fishing, nature observing, picnicking, walking/jogging. Location: Entrance on Harvard Road.