Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Now that the weather has possibly finally taken a springy turn, traffic will greatly increase at our home away from home -- Beaver Brook.
Every day at Beaver Brook is a smile for owners and their canine companions. My dog, Chagall, and I don't feel complete if we haven't visited the park that day. If we don't see the robins digging for worms, the mallard duck couples, cottontail bunny babies and even the ancient snapping turtle mother, it is a less than perfect experience.
One of this year's newbies has made a particularly BIG hit with regulars and passersby. Andre (the Giant) -- a 4-month-old Great Dane. He is the color of a Weimarner. That beautiful blue. Andre does not know what to make of his enormous paws. He is like a newborn pony -- lacking control of his limbs and devastatingly gorgeous. Upon his approach that first day, about a month ago, I thought I was seeing my first Neapolitan Mastiff. a breed near and dear to my heart. The little man had a forehead full of wrinkles and floppy hound ears that seemed to pull his large head downward. Andre was always losing his battle with gravity.
I haven't seen the big guy in a few weeks. Is he still coming?

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Anonymous said...

Andre was at the park today (6/10/2007) and he should be much more of a regular now. He enjoys it there so much and literally uses up all of his puppy energy there! But he still has a lot to learn and I think that Chagall will be a great teacher!
~Andre's people Merri and Dave