Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maynard goes to the dogs and goes green.

Last night the Town of Maynard, MA got the whole town together to vote on the proposal to convert the old covered land fill into a solar pannel farm and off leash dog park.
"...the large scale photovoltaic facility developer shall construct an off leash dog park on 16,000 square feet, more or less, may only fence in six acres encompassing the actual photovoltaic facility and shall at the end of the term of temporary lease, provide access to and improve the top six acres of the top of the landfill for passive recreational opportunities..."
This is great for the May Dog group who have been requesting for a few years to get a dog park in Maynard.  I remember going to the first meeting with the City and they were very resistant to the idea.  The group putting in the solar panels though saw the opportunity and knew it could be done with little effort on their side.

Sustainable energy and dogs go great together. I don't think it will stop me from going to Acton on Sunday's because it's right next to the Rod and Gun Club. Toby can't deal with gun shots from our house so going right next store will be a bit much.

I also wanted to write that I'm sorry I've not been at the park the past few weeks.  This month has been really busy. I shot at Whisker Walk last week. I'll be in NYC doing a shoot this weekend and next weekend I'll be at Bark in the Park.  My next chance to get to the park is June 24th so don't think I forgot about you. I want to come shoot more and meet all the new dogs and people but this time of year gets really busy.  Keep up with what I'm doing on my Facebook page if you want to come find me at these events.