Sunday, March 30, 2008

white dog

white-dog, originally uploaded by phaird.

One of the things that people may not appreciate about dog parks is the socialization. Dogs need to be around other dogs just like people need to be around other people. Left alone too long, they won't understand what it means to be around others.

This dogs owner was talking about how he was walking his dogs on a trail that went by someones property. Like most places that are by open lands, the only divide was a low stone wall. There were two dogs who lived on the other side and for some reason, they attacked his dog. They got her ear pretty bad but over all she is just fine. It's a scary feeling though watching your dog getting attacked.

There could be lots of reason that this happened but one reason may be because of the lack of community the dogs that attacked had. Some people think that if you've got two dogs or an open yard that it's all you need. If dogs only spend time with people, they won't know what to do around other dogs. The socialization that dogs get when they come to the park allows them to play and run around with other dogs to lets them learn what it means to be a dog.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dog as a spiritual leader

Seems like Buddhism allows all creatures to enter a higher plain. Check out this article.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life without parks?

I was just talking with a friend in Portland, OR. I plan on going out and visiting over the summer and thought we could spend time visiting some dog friendly parks out his way. I was shocked that he hasn't found any good places to go and that their leash laws are very strict. Many of his neighbors have dogs but keep them within their fenced yards.

Socialisation is so important for dog (as well as dog owners). When only around people or on leash, dogs never get a chance to be a dog. Running, chasing, wrestling, barking is all part of being a dog. They need that release to have that kind of dogs life experience.

For non-dog owners it's a cycle that they may not understand. When a dog is on a leash and see other dogs, the pulling, jumping and barking is only because they are being held back. The more restraint, the more they pull. It looks like they are being bad but really, they are just being dogs. By letting go, dogs will be able to meet and greet in dog terms and the level of tension goes away. You all know that though, because you love your dogs. :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Vist to Malcolm Preserve, Carlisle MA

I took Toby to the Malcolm Preserve and it's a nice walking park. It's great for accessibility but Toby and I were a little disappointed. It's nothing against the park. It was an overcast day with snow melting so walkways gave way to muddy rivers. I'm sure, in the summer it could be a great little walkway. The trail that I found was short so after a few weeks of walking through Acton's trails, I was still eager to walk but couldn't find a fun way to keep going. It's not fair for me to pick on the park on this one experience. It was clean, well maintained and an easy walk. I'll have to make some more trips on weekend and evenings to get a better sense of the park community and how dog friendly it is.

The thing is, I'm just eager to find other fun dog friendly parks. I love Acton and I'm going to keep coming every Sunday but I'd like to find other fun places. I almost went out to Crane Beach but I couldn't drag myself that far away from home when the day isn't so nice.

Where are your favorite parks (even outside MA)?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Equal treatment for dogs

A woman from Haverhill is trying to get a law passed where the value of a family dog is more then the retail value. The story in the Eagle-Tribune goes into details.

I'm not sure being able to sue someone for any amount of money is the right answer but discussing the idea that our pets our part of our family is important. Suing is only going to help the insurance agency and could force good Vets out of business because of those increased costs of covering their butts. Look at the cost of family doctors have to do to keep in business. If vets have to absorb those costs, it's going to be us, the pet owner who ends up paying a lot more for pet care.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dog rescue

Check out this story. It's about a dog that's given CPR. The best part of the story to me is the end where they leave a oxygen tank for the dog.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Toby in the middle

toby-in-the-middle, originally uploaded by phaird.

For the past few weeks, every time I've brought my dog, Toby, to the park, he shakes. It all started one Sunday when he could hear gun shots from a firing range off in the distance. It sounds like a hammer on wood and it's so faint, everyone I told about it didn't even notice till I said something. Today was the first day he would come to the park without fear. He always puts on a macho front but he can be a real coward sometimes.

As an adopted dog, there is always things in a dogs past that we can't plan for. This fear of the gun shots, fireworks, thunder or any other loud noise is really hard on our little guy but we do what we can to keep him comfortable until his fear passes. Then he's our happy little pooch again.