Sunday, June 21, 2009

What would Cesar say

Toby in front yard, originally uploaded by phaird.

I have just started getting the National Geographic channel and have really enjoyed watching Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. What a great show and I have been learning a lot on how to deal with Toby. I worry though that Cesar would judge me harshly for my actions. He has spent his life considering dogs feelings and lifestyle and I'm really new to having dogs around. Even just one.

For as much as Cesar can get done in one hour, it really does take a long time to communicate to a dog, even your own. The bond that Toby and I have grew very quickly but that's different. Toby knows that I love and care for him and he even knows I'm the "pack leader". It has taken a lot of time and practice to know how to communicate to each other. It even changes from time to time. Things that I would say or do, he would listen to before doesn't work as well now. But better ways come along as I learn how to better communicate with him.

I'd be really nervous to meet Cesar if I had to bring him to take care of Toby. I just know that he would point out all my flaws and show me all the simple things I should have been doing to be a better "dad" to Toby.

If Cesar ever did come to visit, he should come see Bruin. Now HE could really use Cesar's help.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dodging rain drops

Dewey_w_mom, originally uploaded by phaird.

Today was a very late day at the park. By the time we got there, the park was mostly empty. It was raining today and I have been under the weather all last week so I wanted to wait till the rain stopped before taking Toby out. He is always very patient about it.

Going late was nice though. It was quiet with only a few dogs. I got to meet Dewey and his mom. A friendly little dog that really wanted Toby to play. Toby only wanted his tennis ball so Dewey had to find other ways to entertain himself. He's a cute little guy.

As I go back though my photos I have begun to notice my style. Some of the things I like are, being at the dogs level, narrow depth of field (meaning only a small area in focus), and giving space to the dog in the photo. I don't always get that and some times I try to break out of the process and do something new. I see lots of really great photos on flickr of other dog photographers that inspire me so often that helps. I don't go back and look at what I've done very much. I keep pushing forward and think about how the stories of the book will work out.

I'm still not sure how the book will come about but I keep plugging away on this blog in hope of finding a way of making it happen. Even once done, I'll keep posting because if this is called work, this is the best job ever.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

for the love of dogs

hugs, originally uploaded by phaird.

Many dogs will come to the park. Some are dog ignore the people to play with the other dogs while others dogs love people more. Well this woman comes with her Aussie and husband almost every week and she shows the same amount of love for the dogs as they can show to her. Most of us stand around, relax and watch our dogs run. She comes with a big bag of treats, gets all of the dogs around her and gives them BIG HUGS.

She has a real passion for dogs. She has often said she gets just as much joy out of the park as her dog does. I love seeing the her energy and love each week. She is always excited and brings a dog like joy to the park.

Oh and don't forget those treats of hers.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photographers Block

Toby in my shadow, originally uploaded by phaird.

For the past few weeks, I haven't been feeling very creative. I've been coming to the park for over 2 years now and have LOTS of good photos. I've been looking at other photographers on Flickr and have been inspired by much of what I see but I just can't seem to keep my energy up.

This book project has hit a real wall and I'm not sure how to climb over it. I've been talking to people but I just can't seem to find my path back to getting it published through a publisher. I'm hoping to get a real kick in the pants over the summer and start sending out proposals again.

This blog is my lifeline to keep the idea alive. Without you, my readers and kind comments, this wouldn't have gotten this far. Thank you.