Thursday, June 21, 2007

Puppy Love

Every time I see a mixed breed dog at Beaver Brook... like Andy, Ralph's Puerto Rican street dog, I think about my Chagall's rescue story.

About seven years ago I was on the board of directors at a Central Mass. no-kill shelter named Dog Orphans. My elderly mother and I had begun to think about getting a tiny dog for her. Something that could be litter box-trained -- chihuahua, etc.

When we visited the facility, around my mom's birthday, it was love immediately. We saw this striking and charismatic mostly black, with white chest and paws, puppy wooing us through his enclosure. Despite a large group in the waiting area, Lucky - named by the shelter's workers - within minutes saw no one in the room except for my mom and me. When we heard his story it just cemented the deal.

This gorgeous three-month-old had been found in a box, with his littermates, along a very busy roadway by a good samaritan. This caring women was only able to save half of the six-puppy litter. Traffic had tragically taken the lives of the others. She placed two of the dogs, but kept the adorable male puppy that would soon be Chagall. The other members of her animal household rejected the youngster when she brought him home and she was forced to put him up for adoption. Enter my mother and me not more than a day or two later.

I have had many life-altering introductions, adventures, moments... but the day I brought Chagall home certainly takes a back-seat to no one and no thing!!!

That is certainly part of why I enjoy taking the big guy to the P-A-R-K as often as a chaotic human life permits. We saw some of our favorite play pals the other day -- Harper, Andre, Chewie, Riley, and Cody. Riley has got a new brother, 10-week-old apricot cockapoo Odie. He is already fearless and squeezable.

Happy scooping and we'll see you at the park...

Entering Delaney Park

Entering Stow Park, originally uploaded by phaird.

We hand an exciting adventure to Stow's Delaney Park. Very dog friendly and on a beautiful day. A little confusing to get to the first time but worth it. Unlike Waverly (Beaver brook), it is more of a walk and hike kind of park. There isn't an open field where people hang out and watch there dogs. As a photographer, I want that kind of interaction but the walk was really great. We saw a lot of dogs running around. Since my wife is 7 months pregnant, we took it slow but she really liked getting out of the house. We must have gotten there early because as we were leaving, the parking lot was packed and a large group of walkers came in with their dogs. I want to go back again this weekend and explore more of the trails. Got to remember to bring water for Toby. There is a lake there but he may need it while out in the woods.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nursing Homes for Dogs

Oh yea. It had to happen. Read this artical about how dogs are treated in Japan.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Andre and Rudy playing

Back again to Waverly (Beaver Brook) where I finally got to meet Andre. A beautiful Great Dane puppy. At 4 months, he's already pushing 60 Lbs and should get to be around 180 when full grown. Still tripping over his own feet and eager to play with everyone. He thinks he's still a small puppy but he is about the same size as most of the full grown dogs at this point. I hope I'll get to see more of Andre and document his progress. Here he and Rudy decided to play where I was standing. I had to step back but it was easy to get a lot of close up shots.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Back at Beaver Brook

So good at waiting, originally uploaded by phaird.

I finally got back to Beaver Brook yesterday. It was a hot and muggy day but that didn't stop people from coming out. Summit was so good and loved to play and fetch. The best part though was hearing about how her owner would tell stories using all the words she knows. They were so funny. Something along the lines of " The trip to the PARK the COOKIE tree would GET THE BALL..." I love stories made up like that.

It was good to see other dog lovers hanging out and socializing. I was really glad to be out with my cameras taking pictures again. I hope to get back there next weekend too. The sooner the better.