Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bath day

Muddy feet 8/52, originally uploaded by phaird.

Everyone who brought the dog to the park this weekend either planned on giving there dog a bath or had to anyway. It's been raining in and around Mass for a few days and the temps have been staying above freezing. All this makes for some really messy parks. I bailed out on our walk in the woods today because there are too many mud traps on the path. A few weeks ago we had to abandon our walk because of the path being too icy. Today I didn't even try because of the mud.

I am excited that March is here. I've got plans for some spring photo shoots at the park in Acton, Waltham, Boston, and a few other places. I think it will be lots of fun. I'm going to set up a studio shoot and try to photograph as many dogs as I can. I'm hoping that will be a good promotion for my photography business. Still in the planning stages but more info will come soon.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

For the dog that has everything

Dog toys as just toys are so old skool. Check out Nina Ottosson. She has created a whole set of dog PUZZLES. Yea, average chew toys with some food in it isn't enough for the serious dog owner anymore. You've got to get the puzzle to really keep your pet entertained. My mind thought that this might be a little odd for a dog. Almost mean because I would think the dog doesn't really care about the game, only about the treat. But in the article in the Bark magazine online, she points out dogs that are goal driven, like herding dogs, really enjoy and learn the process. I like the idea. I'm not sure my Toby would really be into it but I do know a few dogs at the park who would get a kick out of something like this to pass the time. If they couldn't make it to the park that is.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Aussies out in force

waiting for treats, originally uploaded by phaird.

It was another cold, windy day at the park. Toby and I tried to walk up the paths behind the open area where the dogs spend most of there time. We didn't get very far because the path was too icy. We came back down and hung out with the Aussies. There is always a few here at the park. There can be as many as 12 or more on a busy day but that is more in the summer.

There were some new dogs who found there way to the park this weekend too. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. One dog, Colby (like the cheese), just moved to the area and are really loving the open space. his owner heard about the Acton park from a neighbor and found her way here. It's always good to have more dogs playing. Colby met Ringo and played non-stop for almost an hour.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Busy but cold

Toby surrounded, originally uploaded by phaird.

Winter can be hit or miss at the park. When one day can be sunny and nice and the next could be windy, snowing and cold. you'll always have the regulars at the park. They know what to expect and their dogs demand that they show up. So the people show up all wrapped up in there winter gear, faces covered, gloves on and leash ready.

There was a group who showed up on sweat shirts thinking that would be enough in an open field with no protection from the wind. I watched as they scurried back to their car to get their heavy coats.

Most of the dogs don't care. Some like mine, a small rat terrier with a short coat is much happier in doors, on the couch, wrapped in a blanket (yea, he's spoiled). But others like the Aussies love it. They can run and never get over heated. The community and interaction is something that they look forward to every week. To be honest, so do I.