Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Golden hour at the dog park

Golden hour at the dog park, originally uploaded by phaird.
Sunday was the first really cold, overcast day of the winter and was soon followed by a icy storm that blanked the area with ice. It was not the best day to be out but that didn't stop many people from coming to the park on Sunday. A small crew of regulars came out with their dogs and let them run and play to get their energy out. Most dogs that come to the park know when it's Sunday and get extra excited for this one special day.
This Sunday was the day for Golden's. The newest of which is Cassie. She's only 11 weeks old and is super puppy cute. She's a scrappy little girl who is getting along with all the older dogs. Puppies always go through the gauntlet between humans who want to pet and hold them and older dogs who want to wrestle and dominate them. Cassie though is taking it all and stride and is going to be a well behaved dog when she grows up. Cassie is in a great home too. Her owner had Oscar, who've I mentioned before here. Oscar was a beautiful golden who had cancer on the front paw way too young. His owner did everything to keep him healthy for as long as possible and Oscar was brave till the end. Oscar and owner stopped coming a few years back and we knew Oscar must have passed. It's been a few years and with hearts mended, the need for a dog was back and I'm so happy for Cassie and her family to be back at the park.