Monday, April 25, 2011

Run in the park

Run in the park, originally uploaded by phaird.
It was a beautiful morning at the dog park. Quiet because of Easter, but still a good crowd came out. Holiday or not, our dogs need their exercise. There was still areas that was really muddy but the grass is starting to take hold of the earth so it wasn't nearly as bad as the weeks before. The warmer weather added the extra moment where you could just stand around, gab with friends and watch the dogs run.
Of course, the dogs were loving it too. Most took advantage of the pond while others rolled in the mud. I watched a Golden walk out of the park looking like a brown lab, she had so much mud caked on her. A lot of dogs still have their winter coats still and will be getting trimmed soon. Another great step into spring heading for a hot and exciting summer.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring is slowly coming to the east

Bernese getting a but scratch, originally uploaded by phaird.
Even though we had around 4 inches of snow on Friday, it all quickly melted away and the sun is warming up our little park.
It was a really nice morning at the park. Toby and I came early, sloshed through the mud and went for a walk up in the woods. Toby wasn't on his best behavior but once he had his walk, he did okay. Last year, I started coming early to keep him from being overwhelmed and this spring and summer, I'm going to do the same. There is also a group of early birds I don't normally get to see and am looking forward to getting to know their dogs too.
There was a lot of energy at the park and the dogs knew it. Everyone was running around, playing chase and having a good time. As things thaw, I think the dogs start to pick up the scents of things that were buried under the snow all winter. I love seeing all the different dogs who don't always make it during the colder months. I hope to see even more as the grass gets greener.