Thursday, May 24, 2007

Happy Days

We got a late start to the park last night. As a result, there was only a small group of dogs. HEAT + SPRING = WATER. And that is exactly where our intrepid visitors were gathered. The handful were splashing and grazing where the babbling brook passes under the foot bridge bringing playground/water park dwellers down to the rolling green fields and woods.

Cooper, Riley and Chagall stayed close to the shoreline and their people. Roscoe, a black and tan Coonhound, was nearby, too, but was keeping his eagle eye and nose pointed to the woods. Detecting creatures only his hound sensibilities could pick up.
Meanwhile, my dog, Chagall, was doing his usual stalking of Roscoe. This has gone on since Roscoe was a puppy. Even though Chagall is now smaller than the lanky hound, he is not deterred from attempted mountings and Sumo-style belly bumping and takedowns. Roscoe is the most good-natured dog ever. He actually seems to enjoy it ... for awhile.

With the next few days of brilliant weather, we'll see you at the P A R K.
{Even when the dog is not around I have gotten in the habit of spelling 'park' so I won't inadvertently get Chagall's hopes up.}
We are, after all, living in our dog's world!!

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