Sunday, May 29, 2011

A good shake

A good shake, originally uploaded by phaird.

What an amazing day. When our weather has been all over the place between cold and wet, to warm and humid. Today's weather was perfect. Not too hot or humid. Just enough of both.
The dogs were loving the pond today. They were all running in, chasing balls, or just cooling off. Even kids and grown ups were in, knee high. One new dog to the park that Toby was getting along with (Toby had a good day), was really confused about the water. He seems to really confused that he couldn't walk on the water. He was really enjoying himself even though Toby kept trying dominate him (and everyone else).

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TerraBound said...

Great pic! Our dog park has a pond the dogs love to swim in.. it could use some dog park equipment.. its kind of a make-shift dog park but they don't need much to be entertained. Just some buddies and some splashing!