Thursday, May 26, 2011

Did you say CHEESE!

emma on the move, originally uploaded by phaird.
Well, my big idea for photographing people and dogs at the park last Sunday was a bust. Toby was NOT on his best behavior. So much so that an over zealous dog mom got in my face when I put Toby back on his leash. Anyone who I did ask refused because they were in their dog park best which means they were wearing their grubbiest clothes. I didn't care about that but they did. I did get my best dog park friends to let me take some pictures but I guess I'm going to have to ask people ahead of time for now. If you want to be part of the process, just leave a comment to let me know.
I'm not too upset. It's just a minor setback. I've got lots of other projects going on so I'm excited that I've been using my camera so much. I've even been video taping which is a whole new level for me.
I'll be at the park this Sunday if all goes well. See you there.

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Finn said...

I think you chose the perfect caption for this photo. It is a perfect expression of Joy and Surprise!