Friday, May 6, 2011

Building new photos

As most of you know, I'm working on building up my portfolio which has given me a flood of ideas.  One is to create a diptych of a dog and it's owner.  I'm hoping that fans of my dog park blog who see me at the dog park would be interested in being photographed but I'm also making a bigger call to everyone and anyone who will let me set them up and photograph them.  My idea is to photograph a portrait of the human and then do a portrait of the dog with the owner behind them.  This might be a little tricky.  Most dogs want to be looking at their owner or go to them if not wondering off to do their own thing.
This photo is of Bill and his dog Tyson, a little rat terrier.  I'm excited about the outcome and think it would make for a good series of images.  The plan is to set up a shoot day at the dog park on May 22 at the S. Acton dog park.  The dog park  is always full of dogs on Sunday morning so anyone who wants to bring their dog can get a photo done and I'll create a diptych of each. Everyone can get a digital file of the final edit of those I use or if you want it printed, I'll make it available as well for a small printing fee.
Leave a comment if you're interested.
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