Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another day we didn't make it

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Toby just got into the park today when he heard the very busy Maynard Gun Club. I know it seems crazy that a gun club that is over 4 miles away would bother my dog. Anyone who asks what is wrong doesn't even know what that sound is. It's so distant and faint.
But Toby. He knows. He HATES it. We just got into the park, did some business, and then as soon as he heard the first shot, he was back in the parking lot. At this point, there is little I can do. I didn't have my leash with me and even if I did, I end up dragging him along, he's not happy; I'M not happy and I have to walk him around for 1/2 hour in the woods to get him to start to calm down, IF we make it that far.
It was a gloomy day anyway. The park was quiet. I was just hoping to start photographing people and their dogs today. I brought in my sample pictures and knew I could get a few more people to photograph. It's just a minor setback. I really planned to photograph next weekend so if you read this and are normally at the park; make sure you are ready to get your picture taken. It's going to be fun. The pictures are turning out really great so far. I've only got 3 but I really want to do a lot more. I'm hoping to photograph about 25 people and dogs and end up with 15 or so really great photos.

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Finn said...

We've been follownig your blog for a while now, and you certainly take some great photographs.