Sunday, May 3, 2009

A short day at the park

waiting for the chase x2, originally uploaded by phaird.

Today was a perfect day if you're a bug. Humid, no wind and very moist ground. All kinds of bugs were out flying around and getting into my eyes. There is a pond at the park so I think that may help the bugs. Just check out this picture in Flickr at the original size. All those white dots are bugs flying around.

Toby and I tried to go to our weekly park trip but it was only a short visit. He heard the gun club off in the distance so by the time we go half way through our walk, he went running back to the car. At least I didn't have to chase him down. He did what he could to not just run off so I think that is a little better. Small steps. He'll never be happy about those noises but I will always do what I can to keep him comfortable.

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Janice said...

haha! Toby's so cute. mine's worst. whenever a dog came near her, her butt will be on the ground. and when she try to get away from the dog, she drag her butt along. she is that scare