Monday, May 11, 2009

Tyson's visit for the weekend

tyson_back-lit, originally uploaded by phaird.

We had my mother-in-law's Rat Terrier, Tyson for the weekend. They were away for the weekend so we dog sat for them. He has been going to obedience training so he was much better this time then in the past. Before, he would get us up in the middle of the night, pull on his leash and eat anything he could. We had little of that this time. He was much better.

As a "fresh" little dog in the park, all the dogs really wanted to play with him. He looks like a puppy but he's full grown. Tyson is pretty good at being the rabbit and letting the big dogs chase him but when it got too rough, he stood his ground and let them know not to go to far.

Toby was pretty good today too. We went on a good walk though the woods and got his energy out that way.

It was a quiet day at the park for the most part. Being mothers day, I think a lot of people had other plans. It was such a nice day though. One of the nicest in a long time, a slight breeze, sunny and cool. Just perfect to me. I got to talk about other rat terriers, the cool work people do, and just average things of the day. We were there for over an hour and it was really great. Toby though started a fight for no reason so figured that was my sign to go.

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