Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Road trip part 2 - the map

I did a basic map of where are trip will take us. Our goal is to leave around July 14 or 15 and returning by July 30. We're starting up in Eastern MA, heading down to DC, then over to Knoxville TN. We'll be there for about a week and then head up to Greensburg PA for a day or so before we find our way home. If you're anywhere on the way, please let me know and I'll remap to see if we could make a detour.

I really hope this gets some momentum. I'd love to see other dog friendly parks across the east. It would be a great option for the book. What I hope to do is meet people and their dogs, take LOTS of photos and collect stories about the dogs and the parks they play in.

This will be my first road trip with the whole Family. We've got to find dog friendly lodging on the way but I'm really hoping that Toby will be able to come. We do have a backup plan by sending him to the grandparents house where he will be spoiled with table scraps and long walks every day.


Katana said...

There are two dog parks in Knoxville. If Toby likes to Swim the PetSafe Park off Lovell Road would be perfect. I take Sasha there when it's nice because she loves to swim for tennis balls in the pond. There is also Dogwood Park which is part of the Victor Ashe Park. Below are some links for each to give you map/direction info. Have you considered making the trip in an RV? You provide your own lodging, have a kitchen to cook in and Toby gets to stay in a "home" environment if you are out doing things where he can't come along. We're looking into that for our next trip so we can bring Sasha. It's a bit harder finding dog friendly lodging with your dog is a 65 pound German Shepherd!
Pet Safe Park: (note the link says it's an on-leash park... but each time we've been there everybody was leashless except for the very small doggies who's owners were afraid for their safety. Nor do they enforce the signing of the release forms.)

Dogwood Park:

Anonymous said...

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