Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing dog

Last week our family flew down to Tennessee to visit my folks. They needed some time with their one and only grandchild so we packed what we could and flew down. The bad part was that we couldn't bring Toby. Now don't feel bad for him. He stayed at Chez Tighe, my wife's parents place just north of us. Toby got attention all day long. He was showered with treats and love for the whole week we were gone. He doesn't have a crate and gets to sleep in bed with them like he gets at home.

After getting home from a long and grueling trip on United (I've got to write a scathing letter to them still but I'm still too upset to not curse in it), it was very strange to wake up the next day with no dog in my bed. The house was warmed up and we got everything squared away but there was that one thing missing. Toby.

We were going over to pick him up in the afternoon and all day, I felt this little hole in the house. Like a draft through the house that I couldn't find, I knew something was wrong. When we finally went to get Toby, I felt complete. Toby was so happy to see us. After dinner as we're getting ready to leave, He was the first out the door and into the car. Our family was now complete again.

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~Marie~ said...

It's amazing how a dog can be such a huge member of the family.