Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another dog park debate

Looks like there is another dog park debate brewing in MA. Wellesley has some dog friendly parks but there have been lots of complaints about dog usage that non-dog owners have been complaining. Dog owners in the area now have to catch-up and have formed their own group to deal with this issue. I feel that because dogs are becoming more and more apart of peoples families that they are wanted where ever the family would bring there children or spend time outdoors. People who still feel dogs are only property don't understand that family connection that we connect with our dogs. There is a lot that towns and the general public needs to understand about pets today as our population grows.

You can read more about the story at the boston globe.


Beth said...

It's an interesting tension that is forming. I don't have kids, so my dog is my family. I love to take her places with me, but also try to use good judgment about places that will be right for her. At our off leash park in Salem, Oregon, I have seen instances of small children being allowed to run and scream (all in good fun) across the field only to invoke the prey drive of the dogs. The dogs mean no harm, but when you're a toddler and a big brown dog runs toward you, it can be frightening. As with all things, there must be balance. Unfortunately there will always be parents that have no use for dogs and dog owners who don't pick up after or care for their dogs.

I do have to say, though, because parking is limited at my local dog park, nothing irks me more than someone who parks to go for a jog or bike ride and does not have a dog with them. (Especially when there are two other parking lots they could use!)

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Unless dog owners can prove to non-dog owners that it is a good thing, I think the tension will always be there. I agree with what Beth has said about the big dog and the toddler.

Sometimes to non-dog people, having an over exuberant dog run up and jump at you is worse than an aggressive dog growling at you.


Janice said...

I heard about one incident like this. So the two groups mediate(non-dog owners who are displeased on one side and dog owners on the other). The final result is that dog owners will still use the park and the park will use volunteers (mostly the dog owners) to help improve the park (eg. mindful of dogs on leash, ensure poops are pick up, etc.). I mean, we should not stop anyone (or dogs) from using the park and there will always be some people who dislike dogs. There's no end to it.

Steve Ballmer said...

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