Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Toby on bench

Toby on bench, originally uploaded by phaird.

Seems like Sundays here in MA has had bad weather for the past few weeks. We didn't make it to the park again but we did show up a few days earlier. Toby was still super nervous about the park but once we got going he was really happy. We did the easy walk for both our sakes and avoided the main hill.

I always love our walks. Specially in the winter. I know it seems odd to like being outside in the winter but It does give me an excuse to go outside. Most of my days are spent in a dark windowless office and those times of days when I can be outside, I really appreciate it. In the summer, I spend more time outdoors and take it for granted. I even complain a bit about being too hot. Not Toby though. He's from Tennessee and ended up in MA. He still wants us to move but as long as we give him the love he asks for, he'll allow us to stay where we're at.

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Beth said...

Toby looks like he is ready for a picnic. I'm glad to hear Toby is gaining confidence at the park.

I love our visits to the dog park. It is like Mecca to me. Some days I think I enjoy it more than Gracie. I'm die-hard too. We go rain or shine. Of course, in Oregon, you pretty much have to do things during the rain or you'd never do anything!

Be well, Toby!