Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bella got her groove back

frisbee1, originally uploaded by phaird.

The hard part about a busy park is that there is always a ball or frisbee thief running around. Well with the colder weather keeping a few people away the park hasn't been to busy. So Bella got a section to to the park all to her self. She got to chase the frisbee as much as she wanted without too many distraction. She had a little competition but over all, she was up and jumping till she finally got tired.

The thing that we thin skinned dog owners have to remember is that most dogs love to be outside where they can run and play. Rain, snow or freezing cold won't slow down most dogs. Once they get out and get moving, most really love it. Even my dog Toby who has a thin coat won't wear any clothes to keep him warm because he would rather be free. I know it's not true for all but I'm always amazed how happy dogs are when they are bounding through the snow. I have to remind myself on those cold, snowy windy Sundays that Toby wants to go out and run free even if I've got to wear a few extra layers.


Kimmy said...

That is a really cool shot!

Janice said...

Ya, that reminds me.. Do certain dogs tend to bite their paws till it bleed even when their owner is with then all time? Mine just keep hurting her own paws. Help

phaird said...

You should take your dog to the vet to rule out any chance it could be physical and not a mental issue. If it's not physical, you could try buying winter booties for your dog to wear. Some dogs don't like having snow or dirt in between their pads. If they salt roads around you, that can be hard on the paws too. Either way, you should find a solution. I'm no vet but dogs don't try to get attention by making up ailments.

Beth said...

We don't get much snow in Salem, Oregon, but tons of rain. Like you said, though, the dogs don't care. My lab gets so much obvious joy from even 15 minutes at the dog park that it encourages me to suit up in my rain gear and take her out. I'm frequently amazed how spending time at the dog park, rain or shine, improves my sense of joy as well. We're not alone...even on the rainest days, the parking lot is full.