Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why dog parks

There is many people who may think that dog parks aren't really needed. They think that walks around the neighborhood is fine or that they have a big yard for their dog and that's all that they need. For all the same reasons that children need play grounds, dogs need dog parks.

A happy dog is a well socialized dog. Even if you have more then one dog, that doesn't mean it can get along well with other dogs or people. By bring your dog to a park where they can interact with other dogs and people help the dog understand that their are lots of others out their and they can learn who they get along with and who to avoid. Yes, dogs make friends.

Being free to be a dog is another big plus. My dog knows that when on leash, he needs to be on good behavior (well, some of the time). When loose, he knows he can run and play at %100. He needs that time to get his energy out, play with others or just chase the ball. There is nothing better for a dog owner then seeing their dog happy.

Many dogs come from shelters or unknown breeding centers and we don't always know what kind of personality issues our dog may have. There are some really good owners who adopt dogs from very bad conditions and put lots of time, energy, and money into making their dog as social as possible. For some, they may not be able to socialize in a busy park situation with other dogs and kids running around.

It is the important progress of socialization of our dogs that makes them good citizens and having places to run and play allows that to happen. See you at the park.


Anonymous said...

It's always heartwarming to know that people would take time and extra effort to ensure a dog's well-being. Having a dog park means giving these friendly creatures the chance to be themselves, socialize with other dogs and it's also a fun way for their owners to fellowship together. It's nice to know that man can take care of God's other creations...and not just himself.

mk said...

dog parks are great for socialization and play. i wish more owners in my area realized their responsibilty to keep the areas clean and keep an eye on (and interact with) their dogs at the dog park. dogs don't magically know how to get along, and tho there is a certain amount of settling out, there is human leadership that needs to happen too. i usually take my dogs on the trails, but the dogpark has been great for socialization for both my bouvier & my greater swiss and has helped improve our trail manners.

~Marie~ said...

Dog parks are important. Now that it's fall I will be taking Peanut once a week to scocialize. When it was summer it was just too hot, and I worried he would get heat stroke even though I would take plenty of water.

There is something about th elook on his face when he knows he can go where ever he wants in the fenced in area with other dogs and people, that makes him happy!

Tails said...

I concur!! Our dogs go nuts when they know they're going to the field. All we have to do is say the word and they start barking and going mad. Its wonderful to know something makes them so happy.

We spent months trying to help Max be more social. In the beginning, he had to be on a muzzle, and kept on the leash, now, after much hard work, he runs free with no muzzle. He still snaps though, when another dog is too bolshy, but he's more afraid than aggressive, and even though in most situations, thats a worser personality, its done him good and he's learning...slowly...(of course we only take him in the evenings when most of the other dogs have left).

Joey said...

Dog park is necessary. It's the way to socialize our puppies.


They're absolutely necessary, especially for "city" dogs who don't have backyards to play in.

Lodo Grdzak said...

Gotta love a day at the dog park!