Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

curious puppy, originally uploaded by phaird.

Sunday was a beautiful fall day. Most everyone was really just enjoying the park, the crisp air and the warm sun. Well, except for Toby. He was still nervous from last week and got really aggressive with some dogs when he shouldn't have. I had to put him on a lead to keep him close and stop him from causing havoc.

The beauty of dogs attitude though is that they forgive. Toby was a jerk to a few dogs and they just kept coming back to get a sniff and see if he was ready to play. Toby is picky about his friends and can easily feel cornered so he never let up but the other dogs around just let him be or kept hoping that this time, he'll be nicer. That is a trait that you have to admire about dogs. There ability to love and care for others (humans or dogs) no matter how bad they are treated.


~Marie~ said...

That is an amazing trait! Cute puppy!

Lisa L said...

We stopped by on Sunday, but didn't stay long. Mollie kept taking off, and Keira would follow her, then Keira took off and I had to go chasing her into the woods. It's too stressful for me to take them there anymore - I despair of them ever having a really solid recall. They're just not that interested in staying with me or with the other dogs - they want to run off and go hunting in the woods!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, people should learn good traits from dogs too...like compassion and forgiveness.

mendicellis said...

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Sofia said...

Oh dogs... I want one, i want that in the picture:P

The better companions a human can have:)

Bethlehem Photography said...

I love the shot . Great wide angle:)