Thursday, February 24, 2011

What are you thinking?

Hey Dog park fans. Because I can't make it to the park Today, I decided to think about the dog park book project. Since I got a video camera, I'm even more excited about capturing stories as a stepping stone to writing a my dog park book. (and with cool tools like iPads and nooks, the options for a multi-media book sound even better). So I'm wondering what are some good questions to ask. As park lovers, what are you most interested in? Post comments of what you'd like to know more about either from individuals or just general ideas.

My hope is to get to a point where I've got a good foundations of interviews (I've got LOTS of photos) and start a Kickstarter request to self publish this book. I'd love to have this at a level of completion so I can move onto my next long term project - Working Dogs.

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