Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The chase is on

The chase is on, originally uploaded by phaird.

There is SO much snow at the park now. It's crazy but that doesn't stop too many people. There was still lots of dogs and people at the park today. Our space was a little smaller then some of the dogs might want but there was still running room. Where the snow wasn't packed down, it was at least 2 feet deep. Some of the lighter dogs could walk on it but most were swimming up to their noses when then ventured off the packed area. The fun trick for dogs who like to fetch is to throw a snow ball out in the unpacked snow and let them try to get out and back. A great way to get there energy out.
I know I don't get Toby out enough with all this snow. There is no space around my house for our daily walks so visits to the park is precious for him. Well, to be honest I really like it too.

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