Monday, September 6, 2010

Jet playing with Toby

_MG_3299.jpg, originally uploaded by phaird.

Jet loves Toby. As soon as we got to the park Jet was all excited about Toby. What I was happy about was Toby was okay with it. Toby doesn't always want to play "tag" with the other dogs and often doesn't do well with puppies but since Jet is 7 months and bigger so that might help. He's bigger then Toby but still has the puppy curiosity. He wants to push the limits but knows how to back off.

Jet is a new addition to Sky's family and it's been a really interesting addition. Since both are Boarder Collie's, they are very possessive. Since Sky is the senior member, he's had the upper hand but he is now shorter the Jet so the dynamics might shift. I'll have to wait and see. Jet and Sky haven't been to the park much but on this perfect Sunday, few people could resist.

I haven't been around as much just because too many family responsibilities have been taking my time. With Fall approaching and the school schedule starting, things might become more stable and I can spend more time at the park. I'm going to be shooting at another dog event soon and my wife is going to be doing her first craft fair which should both be a lot of fun. I'll try to keep you updated and let you know what exciting news is going on.

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