Monday, August 16, 2010

A perfect Sunday morning

Bella expressing joy, originally uploaded by phaird.

It was a perfect morning at the park on Sunday. It wasn't hot or cold. It was overcast but no chance of rain. Dogs could run around the park or jump in the pond and wouldn't overheat. There was a good number of dogs and no conflicts at all.

This is Bella who I've known since I started coming to the park 3 years ago. She is one of the regular Aussies that come and greet all of her other dog friends or come and stand between someones legs to get her butt scratched. One of the nicest dogs you could ever meet.

There was a good group of dogs, people and kids at the park. I've been bring my boy the past few weeks and he's liked it because he can run around and throw rocks into the pond. I think that is getting old though because this week, he just kept saying he wanted the slide. It's hard to explain to a (almost) 3 year old that the parks with slides are not so friendly to dogs. I should try going back to Waverly Oaks where there is a kids park on one area and a dog park in another. If I didn't have a silly day job taking me away from my dog, kids and photography, I'd be set. I have a plan, I just have to get it in motion.

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Fred Smith said...

Rideout in West Concord and Jones Field in South Acton are two good places with jungle gyms where kids and dogs can coexist. I bring my 2 year old and my yellow lab to both places fairly often, and I've never had anyone hassle me about the dog. Neither are really "dog parks" but they both have good sized fields for playing fetch and my lab has fun climbing all over the playground with my son.