Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seeing dogs everywhere

First, I'd like to apologize to my followers who read my blog. I've been too quiet for too long. Weather and family life over the holiday season has been keeping me away from the park. I have big plans that I haven't had any chance to do but am trying to do some tests to make them happen. I really want to start adding video to my blog and my process. I'm new to the process so I've been practicing at home on my other favorite subject; my son.

I've also noticed that the more involved I get with dogs, the more I see them around. Weather it's about specials about how bad puppy mills are or the state of Chihuahuas in California. Maybe it's because my ears perk up every time I see something about dogs on the news. I find most stories to be so short and without any real depth to it. I usually do my own research and find out where to story comes from. If it makes it to the local or national news, there is a much deeper story involved.

I'd like to also wish all my readers a happy and exciting new year. I've got lots of lofty goals that I hope to get started this next year and I hope everyone and their pets get everything they need.


Lisa said...

I went to the park in Acton today with Keira, and she was attacked by a male Golden Retriever, who bit her ear. She had to have stitches and will have to wear an e-collar for 10-14 days. It could have been a lot worse, but I'm really upset by it all. The owner of the Golden is named Lee, and she was with another woman and another Golden. Be aware!

phaird said...

I'm really sorry to hear that. This is a pretty rare event at our park but can happen. We all need to be aware of our dogs. I often have to take Toby to the out skirts of the circle of dogs because he's one to instigate a fight. It's really surprising to hear that Golden's attacked. I always think of them as the friendliest dogs. I hope Keira is feeling okay and gets better quickly.