Monday, December 7, 2009

First real snow of the winter

boxer-puppy-play, originally uploaded by phaird.

It's December and we finally have a real snow fall for the winter. Oh did the huskies and other snow dogs LOVE the park today. These two just loved to play and were all over the place. It has been such a mild fall with it still getting into the 60's just a few days before. Now the snow is here and hanging around.

Toby and I weren't really ready for it but that is okay. We decided to take a walk up in the hills and I ended up taking lots of classic winter photos of trees covered in snow.

After our walk, we ended up back at the park and it was really busy. Everyone was bundled up in the snow gear that has been packed away for so long. Cups of warm coffee in hand, the dogs were given a wide space to run and frolic in the snow. I could tell that the dogs were extra excited about the snow. To wake up and see your whole world new and covered in this white powder is an amazing feeling for many dogs.

I hope we get some more snow soon. The clean new snow is always fun for dogs and owners alike.

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