Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Road trip part one - The planning

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My folks moved to TN this year. Normally we fly to visit them but after the last trip, fighting with the airlines, paranoid security, transferring planes and dealing with delays, I decided to look into driving. From Maynard MA, it takes 15 hours of driving and about $100 of gas. It might be a long drive but it could be a great adventure.

When talking with my wife, I thought, well, why not make it a dog park adventure too. So readers, I've got a basic Mapquest layout of just the most direct route. What I'm hoping is that if you are anywhere near this route and want me to stop by our dog park we could stop for an hour.

Our more expanded route will drive down to DC, to visit by brother and his wife. Then head to Knoxville to visit my folks. After visiting for about a week, head north to Greensburg PA to visit more family and then head back to MA.

We don't have firm dates yet but the trip will be during the beginning of July. We plan on being gone for about 2 weeks. I'm hoping that when on the road, we could make 2 stops each day at a dog friendly park in your area, take some photos and hear about your dogs.

What do you think?


Lauren said...

That's still far from me, but if you're ever in Dallas, I've got a couple great parks for you!

Lisa said...

That sounds like an awesome road trip. My own folks are in Murfreesboro, TN (just south of Nashville). They've been there about 2 years. I'd never even thought of driving down there!

Mark and I are taking our dogs on a road trip to Montreal in June. It will be our first trip with the dogs...

Rebecca Petersen said...

I took Corkie on a few trips and have tips etc of places to stay/dog friendly towns. But I figure you might be all set with your vast network of dog friends.