Monday, March 16, 2009

Blue wanting more treats

Blue-031509-wanting more treats, originally uploaded by phaird.

The upside of cancer for Blue is that he gets as many treats as he wants. His owners are just doing what they can to make him comfortable. He is on a pain medication that makes him thirsty and his appetite is as good as ever. He does look thin but he was in good spirits, enjoying himself at the park.

It was a really busy day at the park again. The warmer weather is bringing out lots of dogs and kids. In my quick scan of the park, I would say there were close to 50 dogs within the hour that I was there. It's great to see so many dogs and families out. One woman brought her son (maybe 2 years old) for the first time at the park. He wasn't that interested in the dogs but loved splashing around in the lake and mud. It's a lot of work watching both dog and child but she did it.

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Manda said...

awww...Blue is an Aussie?