Monday, January 12, 2009

Winter wonderland

givin the look, originally uploaded by phaird.

With a fresh powder of snow, the park was beautiful. The snow only ended a few hours before so it hadn't been disturbed at all. Toby and got there early again to head up into the hills for a walk. It made for easier time for him. He wasn't too bad after that.

I missed seeing all the Aussie's. Blue and Jake weren't there by the time I left. Blue is still having some issues and has started yet another round of treatment. There is a lot of people sending positive thoughts to Blue and his family.

Bella wasn't there either. Just timing. The look of bad weather can keep some people away but really, most dogs love running in the snow. I'm not always wild about it but even Toby, who can be a baby about getting his feet wet, really loves running in fresh fluffy snow.


Kim Forrer said...

I've found someone who loves dogs as much as I do. Great blog.


Jordan said...

I love this picture. I must look at it at least a couple of times a day--just to make me smile. I would love to know what this dog is thinking...