Sunday, September 21, 2008


bella, originally uploaded by phaird.

Bella has the life. With an owner who is a part time dog walker, she gets what every dog wants. Plenty of playtime and love. She is a regular at the dog park every Sunday and is just as friendly and calm as a collie can be.

Today was kinda a aggressive day at the park. Some of the bigger dogs were getting a bit territorial and one woman was being a too over protective of her new puppy (I'll save that story for another day). None of that even fazed Bella a bit. She just went about her business and looked for the next person to get some attention from.

Every time I arrive at the park on Sunday, Bella walks right up to me, puts her head between my knees and asks for a good scratch of her back. And to be fair, I look for Bella as well. Her and her owner are very friendly and I enjoy seeing each week.


The Writer said...

Great picture! She looks like a sweetheart!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear


what a sweetie!

~Marie~ said...

Bella looks like a sweetie!

Tanya said...

Bella is beautiful!

Lu said...

Oh sooooo cute!!!

I have a dog too, and she seems like her, even if she's smaller than Bella!! :)