Monday, August 4, 2008

Annabelle wants her frisbee

annabell-wants-her-frisbee-, originally uploaded by phaird.

I was away last week because my father-in-law was in town being a happy grandpa. This Sunday though was a good day to get to the park. Lots of happy faces for both people and dogs. Rudy was there with his owners and the corgie that he lives with. It was really good to see him. Lots of people asking about Bruce.

One new comer to the park was Annabelle. She is a beautiful young Australian cattle dog. She was rescued from a kill shelter down south. Tennessee I think.

Her story just blows my mind. She was turned into the shelter by her owners because she kept chasing the cows. Yes the original owners got her, a cattle dog, and were upset that she chased the cattle. WHA!!!? Lucky for her, she was rescued and now has a very happy home.

I hope to see more of her at the park. She is a lot of fun to watch.


illona said...

beautiful capture, and yay, annabelle.

it blows my mind the excuses people come up with when they throw their dogs away.

the reason for the disposal of my two was basically "no time" and "didn't get along with the toddler and kept running away". whatever.

but as the owner of a wirehaired pointer, i follow the GWP rescues (and dream of being able to take in more) ... more than half of those dogs are there because they killed a chicken or two, or killed a cat. (a) they're bird dogs, duh. and (b) they're quintessential hunters that are bred to take down both fur and feather. it makes me sick the vast number of people who have no clue what they're getting into with particular breeds.

here's hoping annabelle has a wonderful future filled with lots of frisbees, and hey, maybe even some more cattle!!!

Anonymous said...

That is crazy. It amazes me the amount of people out there that do not educate themselves before taking in a dog.

Did they think it was called a cattle dog because, what...they just liked cows?

Daniel said...

That is such an incredible shot! I only wish that I could shoot such an excellent picture. Perhaps it is my simple digital camera. In any case, you have a great eye.

Anonymous said...

beautiful !