Sunday, May 18, 2008

A real scare

toby-in-grass, originally uploaded by phaird.

We've had a real scare the past few days. On Wednesday, Toby threw up 5 times and then wouldn't eat. We let him rest through the night but when he got up the next morning he still didn't want to eat. I tried every treat we had and even some rice and chicken and he still wouldn't eat.

We got really scared and brought him to our vet. They was put on IV to keep him hydrated and they ran a bunch of test but they couldn't figure out what was wrong with him and he wasn't getting any better.

They couldn't keep a watch of him over night so we brought him to Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital. They were able to keep an eye on him overnight. When we dropped him off, he could barely walk and looked completely out of it.

After a night of sleep and keeping hydrated, he slowly started to feel better. They fed him small amounts of food through out the day and slowly perked up. By 8pm Friday I was able to take him home but with no real understanding of what happened.

Toby isn't a dog that will just eat anything. His one weakness is that he likes to eat grass. Normally I don't mind but I think because so many people have been putting all those chemicals on their lawns that Toby got really sick.

It was a real scare for our family but Toby is finally starting to perk back up. The idea that to get a great looking lawn requires to create a toxic environment really seems like a contradiction to me. Be very aware of those yellow signs on peoples lawns. They are really mean it when they so politely say keep off.

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Tails said...

Hmmm, sounds like something my friend's Jack Russell came down with. Her pup had Parvo though (cat-flu). Glad your one came out ok though, Tumbles (the JRussell) is making a recovery as well.