Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to get a good pic of your dog-part 1

terrier, originally uploaded by phaird.

I haven't had a chance to get out to the park in the past few weeks and both Toby and I have been really missing it.

I wanted to keep it up though and while talking to others at the park, people often ask how to get good pictures of their dog. I thought I'd try to give a few pointers.

One thing that I always suggest is to get the camera on the dogs level. If the camera is at your dogs face or body level and keep the camera level, you will be able to show your dog in a very positive position and a more unique photo. The hard part with that is your dog will think you want to play and want to come see you. You can either just stay there and let them play or just hold the camera at your knees and try to get your dog to look at the camera instead of your face. Either way, take a few shots all at once. The more you shoot, the better your chances to get just the right expression. Asking your dog to say "Cheese" means something very different to a dog.

Looking at this photo of the terrier, I shot it with a wide angle lens with the camera around my ankle level. That way I don't have to look through the lens and I'm flexible with the space around the pooch.

Happy shooting.

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Tails said...

Thanks for the tip :) I hope there are more tips coming (I did see Tip # 2), being an avid photographer myself :)