Sunday, March 30, 2008

white dog

white-dog, originally uploaded by phaird.

One of the things that people may not appreciate about dog parks is the socialization. Dogs need to be around other dogs just like people need to be around other people. Left alone too long, they won't understand what it means to be around others.

This dogs owner was talking about how he was walking his dogs on a trail that went by someones property. Like most places that are by open lands, the only divide was a low stone wall. There were two dogs who lived on the other side and for some reason, they attacked his dog. They got her ear pretty bad but over all she is just fine. It's a scary feeling though watching your dog getting attacked.

There could be lots of reason that this happened but one reason may be because of the lack of community the dogs that attacked had. Some people think that if you've got two dogs or an open yard that it's all you need. If dogs only spend time with people, they won't know what to do around other dogs. The socialization that dogs get when they come to the park allows them to play and run around with other dogs to lets them learn what it means to be a dog.

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