Friday, March 14, 2008

Vist to Malcolm Preserve, Carlisle MA

I took Toby to the Malcolm Preserve and it's a nice walking park. It's great for accessibility but Toby and I were a little disappointed. It's nothing against the park. It was an overcast day with snow melting so walkways gave way to muddy rivers. I'm sure, in the summer it could be a great little walkway. The trail that I found was short so after a few weeks of walking through Acton's trails, I was still eager to walk but couldn't find a fun way to keep going. It's not fair for me to pick on the park on this one experience. It was clean, well maintained and an easy walk. I'll have to make some more trips on weekend and evenings to get a better sense of the park community and how dog friendly it is.

The thing is, I'm just eager to find other fun dog friendly parks. I love Acton and I'm going to keep coming every Sunday but I'd like to find other fun places. I almost went out to Crane Beach but I couldn't drag myself that far away from home when the day isn't so nice.

Where are your favorite parks (even outside MA)?


Anonymous said...

It's not Massachusetts, but... try Edgecomb, Maine, right off route 27 just north of Boothbay. There's a lovely little conservation area called "Singing Meadow." It really does sing! It's a big wildflower meadow with mowed trails meandering through the flowers all the way to the sea shore.

In spots can be muddy in the spring, and we've occasionally had to jump over draining water, but it's well worth a visit if you find yourself that far north!

Also, try the Pencil Factory trail (it has an official name, but I don't remember it) in North Acton. About a half mile up Davis Road (take 2A north towards Littleton. Davis Road is the first a right after Willow Books. The parking lot will come up on the left, just before the subdivision begins. Be careful if the driveway is wet or icy -- I've been stuck in there twice. You can park on the street right by the driveway, though.

Then there's Callahan State Park in north Framingham. From Acton, take Rt. 27 south to Union Street (right turn). Follow Union bearing right at the fork in the road. Continue briefly to the light across from a grocery store. If you forgot something, stop first at Especially For Pets and they'll probably have it.

Turn right onto Route 20, passing the Friendly's on your left, then turn left almost immediately onto the road named after the Boy Scout hiking place **Nobscot Hill Road** Follow this all the way to a 4 way intersection with a gas station on one corner (Mobil & Exxon). Turn right, (I think the road's name is Edmunds in this direction, but if you'd turned left it would have been Waters St. If you'd continued straight you'd be on Edgell Street which takes you to Route 9...) Having turned right, you'll be on a narrow, twisty, windy road. Pass Genardy Road on your left, then turn onto Winch Street, also on your left. Take Winch down to a stop sign, then continue on Winch by jogging over to your right (it's almost straight...) Now Winch Street becomes a really, really narrow twisty, windy road. After the Sudbury Valley Asylum for kids the road will bend sharply left. It become Millbrook Street here. Follow the curve onto Millbrook then go straight for a short distance and the park will appear on the right. There is a lot.

Go to Callahan on a nice weekend and you will meet lots and lots of dogs and dog people. It's not like Acton, though. The group is more transient so there are more likely to be turf battles among the dogs.

phaird said...


Sounds like a good excuse for a weekend getaway to Maine. I'm going to find all these places the next chance I get.

Fuzzy Butts said...

We relocated to San Antonio, TX during the first week in January 2008. Coming from a cold climate in MN, this was a huge change for our 2 bassets. We immediately took out seeking the dog parks. We found one brand new near the downtown area called McAllister Park and we all fell in LOVE with it. Big, open with lots of trees and benches under the trees plus in the middle is several obstacle courses for the parents/dogs. They have a water source for both and several covered picnic areas. Of course, I would hope no one would consider bringing in food or treats - without the expectation of being covered in DOGS!

We went to another off-leash park (Pearsall Park) near Lackland but our girls became sick the next day for about 3 days. They must have picked up a bug from the park and so we will not be returning.

Thank you for allowing others to post about their local parks. We love it here.

Pamela Akkerman
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Anonymous said...

The Callahan State Park is really nice..great place to bring a dog, a lot of people gather by the pond.

I just moved back to western MA from FL and cannot for the life of me find any good dog parks. I'm really looking for one that is fenced in but can't seem to find one.