Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life without parks?

I was just talking with a friend in Portland, OR. I plan on going out and visiting over the summer and thought we could spend time visiting some dog friendly parks out his way. I was shocked that he hasn't found any good places to go and that their leash laws are very strict. Many of his neighbors have dogs but keep them within their fenced yards.

Socialisation is so important for dog (as well as dog owners). When only around people or on leash, dogs never get a chance to be a dog. Running, chasing, wrestling, barking is all part of being a dog. They need that release to have that kind of dogs life experience.

For non-dog owners it's a cycle that they may not understand. When a dog is on a leash and see other dogs, the pulling, jumping and barking is only because they are being held back. The more restraint, the more they pull. It looks like they are being bad but really, they are just being dogs. By letting go, dogs will be able to meet and greet in dog terms and the level of tension goes away. You all know that though, because you love your dogs. :)

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zetta said...

I live in Portland, and there are lots of parks with off-leash areas. The off-leash areas are subject, in some parks, to certain hours of the day, but I have three such off-leash areas within 10 blocks of my house in NE PDX. This town is dog friendly.