Friday, August 31, 2007

Vet Extraordinaire

We have been very lucky - Chagall and I. When we lived in Central Mass., when I first got my boy, I found a terrific vet. Then when Chagall broke his paw as a six-month-old we were referred to a VCA animal hospital where the surgery could be performed. We stayed with that vet in Northboro until a couple of years ago.

Since moving to Belmont and then Watertown I knew I was going to have to find a closer vet. On a day when Chagall nearly impaled himself on a jagged tree branch at Beaver Brook, my hand was forced. Some dog owners who witnessed my dog's accident unanimously recommended the Kindness Animal Hospital on Linden Street in Waltham. More specifically, everyone just gushed about Dr. Susan Rosenblatt.

Everything they said is true, and more. Since performing emergency surgery on my poor pup's torn-open chest, she has been nothing but compassionate, friendly, professional and thorough. She also has the empathy of a doctor making house calls.

No matter what health crisis or questions I have directed at Dr. Rosenblatt, she has dealt with my dog and me in the most gracious, effective and efficient manner possible. Just Google Dr. Susan Rosenblatt and five-star ratings come up. She has also appeared several times on Channel 7's series "Protecting Your Pets".

Also, the vet techs and office staff couldn't be more knowledgeable and cordial. And late last year Dr. Patrick Hallisey was added as a second vet. He, too, lives up to the Kindness standard.

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MysteryCat said...

Regarding your comment about Dr. Patrick Hallisey being added to the Kindness staff recently. When someone wins, someone else loses. Looks like you guys are the winners and I'm the loser. Dr. Hallisey was my vet in Stow until he went to Waltham and I MISS HIM every time I go in. He's totally awesome. If Waltham were just a few miles closer, I'd follow him there for sure.

I saw him a couple nights ago on a Channel 7 newscast about chew toys with lead, and it made me miss him all over again.

This is a guy both you and your pets will love and trust!