Friday, August 24, 2007

Always Welcome

We are definitely heading towards the final gasps of summer - chronologically and meteorologically. For our dogs this turned corner has brought comfort and joy. Swimming can now be just for fun and not for sheer survival in the recent sweltering heat.

Chagall and I returned to the Acton park this past weekend. There were even more new friends than last time. It took almost 15 minutes to get from the parking lot to the main gathering area by the lily pond. Chagall sniffed every inch and was greeted with great excitement by all departing canines and onlookers.

As we joined the main fray two sibling black labs zig-zagged across the field after taking a dip and emerging with a shared prize - a large branch. We were also herded by two mini Aussie Shepherds and loudly greeted by chihuahuas and Puerto Rican street dogs.

Chagall and I were warmly embraced at our new hangout. We can't get there often enough to suit either one of us. This weekend's weather does not look particularly cooperative. If we don't get there we will miss seeing Hunter, Twinkie, Maui, Bean, Scout, Nanka, Theo and all the rest of the South Acton pack.

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