Sunday, August 26, 2007

Scout getting some love

Scout getting some love, originally uploaded by phaird.

Scout is another rescue with a good story and a great happy ending. Like many owners, they don't know what happened to Scout but he did come with his share of issues. They think that he may have been hit by a car because when he was brought to the shelter, he had wiring done inside his mouth. When that was taken out he still had all kinds of issues and after removing seven teeth, he is now doing just fine.

Scout is another of so many dogs that come from down south where some people consider dogs either just an appliance that they can use for a few years but if it has problems or starts to get old, they go get another younger, cuter dog. As many of us who venture to the parks know, there are a lot of rescues out there that are great dogs and will return love ten times as much as it is given. Scout is one of those dog.

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