Thursday, June 21, 2007

Entering Delaney Park

Entering Stow Park, originally uploaded by phaird.

We hand an exciting adventure to Stow's Delaney Park. Very dog friendly and on a beautiful day. A little confusing to get to the first time but worth it. Unlike Waverly (Beaver brook), it is more of a walk and hike kind of park. There isn't an open field where people hang out and watch there dogs. As a photographer, I want that kind of interaction but the walk was really great. We saw a lot of dogs running around. Since my wife is 7 months pregnant, we took it slow but she really liked getting out of the house. We must have gotten there early because as we were leaving, the parking lot was packed and a large group of walkers came in with their dogs. I want to go back again this weekend and explore more of the trails. Got to remember to bring water for Toby. There is a lake there but he may need it while out in the woods.


Sticky said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time at Delaney. My wife and I ended up buying a house less than half a mile from the park, in Bolton. Unfortunately, we learned tonight that they have started enforcing a "dogs on leashes" policy, as well as handing out $50 fines to owners that don't pick up after their dogs. It's kind of a drag because we've been taking our boxer there ever since he was 2 months old, and he absolutely loves being able to run free.

I definitely understand the concerns that folks have voiced as far as animal waste muddying up the park (quite literally), but so long as people clean up after their dogs, I don't buy the dogs must be on leashes thing. It's my understanding that most towns in this area have no leash laws, so I find it hard to believe that they'd be able to enforce this.

In any case, just thought I'd let you know.

Adam Rice

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Adam, and also live within walking distance. I hear that there's going to be a public meeting on the Delaney and Dogs issue on November 10th (still trying to confirm that date) at Stow Town Hall.

Hopefully there are some reasonable middle ground solutions. We dog owners have been made to feel like criminals for letting our furry buddies take a swim lately!


Anonymous said...

This is a park for everyone. I bring my little children, and don't feel safe there. Many people don't control their dogs, and they think they do, and they are all over my kids. They call this "being friendly," which is just being scarely for us. You never know which dogs would bite or not. I'm OK when dogs are unleashed on the pond, but want dog owners realize that there are bunch of people who are scared of dogs. This is not a dog-only park. Cleaning up after dogs is a common sense, and leasing or carrying a leash is a safety issue for others who do not feel comfortable. Maybe you could unleash when there are not so many others around... (My neighbors in Bolton are considerate enough to carry a leash. when one of them sees us she leashes her dogs, and when we pass by, she unleashes her dog) There are babies, kids, seniors, dog lovers, and those who are not at the park.