Monday, July 8, 2013

Toby was not up for the dog park this morning

It's hot! It's Muggy! But that still shouldn't stop me from going to the dog park right? I got up early and tried to get to the park before the crowds and was able to do that. It didn't matter to Toby though. He got out of the car, did his business and went right back. I couldn't get him out to the grass and I even brought the tennis ball. It's kinda a set back for him but I don't think it's to big a step back. He might have heard something or even thought it might rain. Rain means thunder this time of year so he gets freaked out about that. We at least have a thunder jacket for him and do what we can to make him comfortable.
But this Sunday's visit to the park was a bust. I opened the door. Took this photo of him sitting and we went home. By the time we got home, he was fine again and wanted a treat. Just like him.

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