Thursday, March 21, 2013

Waverly Oaks

chagall rolling in grass, originally uploaded by phaird.
Waverly Oaks was the first un-official dog park I use to bring toby when we lived in Watertown. It's a great big park with everything a park should have. Open areas, running water, Lots of trees and small nature walk as well as a paved path around the whole thing. What is better then that?
This is Chagall who is the dog of one of the great regulars who come to this park. Chagall was the king of the park at that time. He would stand around and let people know he was in charge. He wouldn't do much but he would let everyone know. A real sweetheart. It's amazing that it's been almost 6 years since We went there. I've been back a few times because Toby does really love that park but it's now very much out of the way to get there. Maybe this summer, on a slow weekend, I'll make that trip again.

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