Monday, March 18, 2013

Other local dog parks

Sharon_Dogpark_101109_09, originally uploaded by phaird.
For years, I've been going to the Acton dog park for the simple reason that it's the closet park to me. This week though, I decided to share some photos from other parks I've visited over the past few years.
This photo is from the dog park in Sharon Ma. It's tucked into the woods in a perfect little spot. There is parking near by and you walk into the park. It's completely fenced in with a section for both small and big dogs. My friend, Angelo (a great painter) invited me and we got to spend a sunny October morning at the park.
As you can tell, Toby was his normal, defensive self through the day. He just doesn't do well with puppies no matter what.
If you get to Sharon, you could check it out. It is a nice place and I should make a point to get back there.

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