Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who is the park for?

Hey park lovers.  Just came across this article from the ASPCA site about if a dog park is the right place to bring your dog.

What do you think?  Most readers who read my blog bring their dog to the park.  Most get along and have a good time.  I've been really concerned that I might not be right to bring Toby, my dog, to the Acton park anymore.  I think he likes going to parks and can be social but he has a history at this park and not always a happy one because he can hear the gun club or thunder storms in the past.  Now, every time we go to the park, me associates those noises with the Acton park.

I love coming to the park and enjoy all the park friends I've made so much of me going to the park is for me and I hope Toby enjoys it too.  But it really shouldn't be about me. It should be Toby's time to enjoy the park and get some energy.  I'm going to explore some other parks and see if I can help Toby enjoy our Sunday play time and get some new shots of some other fun parks in the area.

If you've got some recommendations of parks, close to Maynard, please let me know.

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