Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let it Snow!

Tika coming to greet me, originally uploaded by phaird.
This sunday was a real snow day and I was super excited to get to the park. The previous week was the blizzard and didn't leave my house so I was glad when I could go out to the park and take pictures with fresh snow on the ground.
To make Toby happy, I wrapped him in his Thundershirt so he would stay a little warmer and not get too overwhelmed. We weren't there very long but I got to take some fun photos and see the few hard core pet owners who showed up despite the storm.
Weekend storms seem to be the norm this winter. The forecast for this weekend also has a chance of snow and I hope to get out again and shoot. I love the photos I got and It's always fun to see the puppies who have been showing up.

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